5 Tips To Help You Win The Weight Loss Mind Game

Weight loss and fat loss is hard if you can’t win the mind game that goes with it. The problem starts with being told that you must have self control or be disciplined. Then you have to do this for the rest of your life. Who can, or wants to live like that?

To make things worse, some people believe they are not disciplined enough to stick to any kind of diet so they never start. You might have been told that you have a sluggish metabolism so you lose hope. If any of these describe you – then you should also be aware there is help for you.

It is not your fault that losing weight is hard. We are constantly bombarded with images and smells of fast food. Many foods, even so-called health foods, are filled with chemicals that actually create addictions and cause you to store fat. Trans fats and high fructose corn syrup are only two popular food additives that have these effects. Read labels and you will see a lot of things you don’t identify. But here’s the good news…

Your can speed up your metabolism, and you can achieve a level of self-control to help you through difficult times. You can eliminate food cravings and after an initial “cleansing” period, you will not have to have such strong will power because you will naturally adjust to a new way of eating.

That’s right – when you start eating healthier with a weight loss program, you will eventually lose the taste for the junk foods that you have cut out. When you do eat junk food, you will feel how tired, or cranky, or bloated it actually makes you feel. You didn’t feel these effects before because you were used to it. But after being on a healthy eating regimen for a period of time, you get healthier and you can feel how junk food affects you. This factor also helps you to stay on your healthy eating path.

However , you must take the first step. It may seem easy to start, but many weight loss programs are hard to stay on. It seems no one can bypass this aspect of weight loss. There will come a time when it becomes difficult. It is now that it becomes important for you to win this part of the challenge. Here are some tips to help you get through these hard times.

Tip 1 – Buy a workout CD and use it each morning. If you can’t do the whole thing, at least watch it – it can be very motivating. The next day watch it and do just the warm up. The next day vow to do 20 minutes. It will get easier as you get more fit.

Tip 2 – Purchase a diet book. These are good motivators. They help reinforce why you should lose fat, and usually will explain why their way works. Some even have before and after pictures that are very motivating. Most books are good and do work – remember there are many paths to weight loss. So choose one that you will enjoy reading.

Tip 3 – Join a gym or health club. This is a good place to go with friends and exercise. Many gyms have racquetball courts and even juice bars. Gyms or health clubs can be great places to hang out instead of a night golf club or pub.

Tip 4 – Visualize your goals. Top athletes do this before workouts and before competitions. They visualize the results they want. They do this because it is a proven system that works. Many times we give up because we believe we could never reach a goal. Visualizing your goals makes them more real, therefore more attainable. The key to getting results is consistency (you must do it every day) and using the right technique.

It does take practice to sit quietly and think about your goals. During this time you have to attempt to use all five of your senses in the visualization. See what you want, feel what you are doing, smell the room you are in, taste something like gum, hear what is going on around you. Practice this each day and it will get easier.

Tip 5 – Make a plan. Plan which weight loss program you will use. Then plan your meals and write them down. Plan your grocery list and stick to it. Plan what extras you will use to enhance your weight loss goals, such as exercise or visualization. Write out a schedule so you don’t use “not enough time” as an excuse. Make your plan in writing and stick to it for a better chance at success.

Losing weight can be a challenge. Be sure you are eating healthy, don’t try to lose too much at once or it will backfire on you, and try one or two of these tips. They can be a great asset so you can win the weight loss mind game.

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