A Simple Wheelchair Workout To Help Your Body And Mind Get Fit – Nurse’s Guideline

If you are spending any moment in a wheelchair you’re not likely to be getting the workout you need. No matter what type of disability you may have you know that we need exercise to release hormones like endorphins to help us increase our defense systems.

1 reason to exercise that you don’t hear about frequently and have been recently reported by brain doctors and other brain experts is that exercise gets the blood circulating to the brain and helps prevent dementia and possibly other brain or neurological diseases. This really is all the more cause to get started today on a exercise program.

Starting out on a workout program can seem overwhelming. There are many exercises you can do that involve both resistance training and strength training.

I’m focusing on just one easy exercise here so you can start out slowly. You can easily get more exercises after you give this a try for a few days and see how you do. Be sure to check with your physician first before you start any new exercise program, workout or fitness routine.

An easy wheelchair workout – the biceps curl:

Sit in a chair that has good again support and preferably with no arms. You can also do this in your wheelchair yet may not be quite as easy with respect to the kind of chair you have. Put your ft on the floor. Be sure to keep them toned and not too wide. You would like to go no wider than your shoulders.

Find some dumbbells or other weights that weigh less than five pounds. Use three pounds or so to start. If that’s too light you can add more weight. Something that feels comfortable. If you don’t have dumbbells or hand weights then you can certainly use cans of food or other things that you have two of that weighs the same.

After that hold the dumbbells in your hands down at your edges. Make sure your palms face the side of your body. One at a time provide your hand up and turn it so your palm is facing your chest. Hold this for a second or two. After that slower lower your arm down to your edges. Then do that again with all the other provide. Do 12 repetitions with each provide. This is called one arranged. Do several sets yet start out the first day only doing one arranged and then gradually add the other sets in the next few days if it feels good. Make sure to others a minute or so between pieces.

There are many easy exercises that you can do whether most likely disabled or not. Yet starting with 1 won’t seem so mind-boggling. You want to be sure to exercise every day. You want to get the circulation moving in a workout which means you keep your mind sharp and your body because fit as they can be. Add other exercises as soon as possible. There are many good wheelchair workout DVDs and fitness DVDs for people in wheelchairs that can help you too.

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